Regal Funds Management – Emerging Companies Offer

12 Jul 2019

Gamma Advisory

This information is general in nature and is not to be construed as advice.

Regal Funds Management is offering sophisticated and professional investors the opportunity to invest in the upcoming Emerging Companies Fund (RECF 3).

Regal Funds Management is an award winning and well recognised fund manager that has a proven track record. Their two previous emerging companies’ funds, RECF1 and RECF2, have respectively returned 53% (net return since November 2016) and 11% (net return since April 2018).

This investment is generally not available to the public.

Details of the Offer:

  • Available only to sophisticated and professional investors
  • Investment Timeframe: 3-5 years
  • The portfolio will consist of a combination of Listed Microcaps, Pre-IPO Opportunities and Private Companies requiring expansion capital.
  • The funds may distribute net realised profits during the term and intend to return capital to investors before the end of the five-year term.  Regal does not intend to permit unitholder redemption requests during the term of the investment.
  • Income to be distributed annually during the term.
  • Fund size: $100m
  • Fees:

Management Fee: 1.5% of Net Asset Value

Performance Fee: 20% above Hurdle Rate

Hurdle Rate: 5% per annum

  • Minimum Investment $50,000

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