Macquarie Group Capital Notes 6

1 Jul 2022

Gamma Advisory

Macquarie Group Capital Notes 6

This information is general in nature and may not be construed as advice

Macquarie Group Limited (ABN 94 122 169 279) intends to raise $400m or more through the issue of Macquarie Group Capital Notes 6 (MCN6).  The proceeds will be used for general corporate purposes. 

This capital notes offering has the following characteristics:   NAB is expected to raise $1b, with the ability to raise more or less. 

  • MCN6 are fully paid, subordinated, non-cumulative, unsecured notes
  • MCN6 are expected to trade on the ASX under code MQGPF
  • The price is $100 per note with a minimum application of 50 notes ($5,000)
  • Distributions are paid quarterly and are expected to be frankable
  • The first distribution date is 12th September 2022
  • The distributions will be based on a floating rate.  The rate will be calculated based on the 90-Day BBSW plus a margin of 3.70%-3.90% per annum
  • The current 90-day BBSW is trading around 1.80% so the total return may be around 5.50% – 5.70% per annum.  Please note:  returns may vary on the rise or fall of interest rates and the 90-day bank bill swap rate (BBSW).
  • Macquarie may convert or redeem the capital notes as part of a mandatory exchange.  All MCN6 are scheduled to be exchanged on 12th September 2032
  • MCN6 are expected to trade on the ASX on the 18thJuly 2022
  • Further guidance on investing in bank hybrid securities can be found on ASIC’s Money Smart Website:

The prospectus for this issue can be found by clicking on the link below:


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